Bulstone Springs

Bulstone Springs is a small organic and permaculture farm in Branscombe, East Devon. Our hens produce beautiful organic eggs, table carp are reared in fresh spring water, and we will soon be selling organic table chicken – reared, killed and processed by hand on site by us.

We are situated in a beautiful valley tucked away in the stunning surroundings of Branscombe in the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Our holding is 39 acres, over 16 acres is woodland, some of which is ancient broadleaf woodland with some trees estimated at around 200 years old. Numerous springs feed a brook running through the centre of the valley.

We rear hens for eggs and will soon be selling organic table chicken too. We are certified organic and have just planted a small orchard. We also have a small fish farm where we rear carp for the table.

We aim to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible and eventually to farm completely fossil-fuel free. We are very interested in permaculture and applying these techniques to a commercial smallholding, as well as our own lives and the off-grid home we plan to build here.

Bulstones Spring Organic Chicken, Branscombe
Organic Chicken

Feel free to contact us:

Email: info@bulstonesprings.co.uk
Phone:07974 670270