I have many years experience of producing interesting and tasty food. I worked for many years running the catering on a Local shoot. Planning and preparing meals for some of the most discerning clientele, including many celebrities, business leaders and influential people.

Chickies scotch eggs were born out of my own disappointment at the offerings available for what is a classic and traditional snack food.

Enjoyed by people everywhere, they have never seemed to deliver. The experience has never lived up to the anticipation of what is presented.

Now you can enjoy the real satisfaction of this wonderful little package. Finally the joy of eating a scotch Egg really does live up to the expectation.


Chickies Gourmet Scotch Eggs, Wellington
Gourmet Scotch Eggs, made from whole saddleback pork shoulder together with a range of exciting flavours and coated in panko.

Feel free to contact us using any of the following methods:

Email: alec@alecchick.co.uk
Phone: 07813 812380